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The Process of Therapy

In its oldest meaning, psychotherapy is “psyche therapy” - the healing of the soul. Therapy is not just about changing the way we think - it is about healing our relationships with self and others, and finding a new way to live in the world. It is about regaining our ability to choose a life that is personally meaningful and satisfying, in each moment.


Central to my work is the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client. As we begin the therapy process, I will take time to listen to your concerns so that we can develop a plan of how to proceed together. As an integral therapist, I draw on a variety of approaches to address your unique needs. Sessions may incorporate talk therapy, experiential awareness, dreamwork, empty chair exercises, and narrative techniques, among others. I see therapy as a collaborative process, and will invite you to "lead the way" with what is most immediately present for you.

At the core of therapy is a process of self-discovery that has the potential to give us a greater sense of wholeness, meaning, and balance in our lives. Whether in an individual, couple, or family session, the information that we gather by slowing down and attending to what is present can give us valuable insight and guidance. This organic process of self-exploration and growth looks different for everyone, because everyone's journey is unique.

The process of looking deeply at oneself is not always easy. While in therapy, you may expect to have moments of discomfort as grief, sadness, anger, and other difficult emotions, thoughts, and sensations arise. Sometimes, things may appear to get worse before they get better. This is the natural process of healing. Together, we will navigate these challenges. I will support you as you develop your inner and outer resources, including your capacity to be with your experiences.

Therapy can be a helpful supplement to the other things we do to take care of ourselves, or it may help us find the motivation to care for ourselves in new ways. I believe that there are many ways to achieve well-being in our lives, and that different approaches will work for each person. Exercise, nature, creativity, spirituality, time spent with friends or family, and a healthy diet can all be helpful in increasing our happiness.

Finally, I believe that a strong referral network is an essential part of serving my clients. If you do not feel that we are a good fit, or are looking for a different approach to therapy, I am happy to refer you to another trusted professional.

It is important that you feel that your therapist is a good match for you. I welcome you to contact me to schedule a free initial consultation so that I may answer any questions you may have.

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