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Groups offer an opportunity to learn about yourself and others in a facilitated, dynamic social setting. They are a space to connect with others, develop a sense of community, learn skills, take risks, and work through social challenges. New group offerings are in the work. Check back for details.

Men's Process Groups

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New Online Men's Group
- Now accepting new participants - 
Mondays, 12pm-1:30pm, 2x/month
Beginning Spring 2023

We will meet two times per month via Zoom, take a break during July and August, and resume in mid-September. To maximize connection and camaraderie, group size will be limited to six people. Investment will be $45 per session, with need-based sliding scale also available. An initial 8 session commitment is required.


As in past groups, our focus will be on our present moment experience of ourselves, with each other. Groups are a powerful way to be witnessed, to find connection and support, and to try out new behaviors. We will explore topics relevant to our experience as male-bodied people, such as relationships, identity, family, purpose, and more. We will explore our similarities, as well as our differences. Together, we will cultivate a space where diversity is welcomed and each unique perspective is valued. We will also consider additional practices, such as personal accountability check-ins to help each participant to make choices aligned with their personal values and goals.


As always, my intention is that this group be welcoming, supportive, and an enriching addition to each participant's life. It is recommended that group members also be enrolled in individual therapy.

Who may benefit from this group?

This type of group may be supportive for anyone seeking personal growth, social learning, and a sense of community and connection with others. Although there are no guarantees, many participants find process groups helpful for reducing social isolation, softening patterns of shame, learning how to communicate feelings, increasing emotional intelligence, and learning how to receive support from others, among other potential benefits. Please schedule a free, 20-min consultation with Lucius to see if this group might be a good fit for you.

Male-bodied adults of all identities, including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability, are invited to participate.

When: Group will meet two times per month. 8 session initial commitment required.


Where: via a HIPAA-compliant, secure video platform


Investment: $45 per session. Need-based sliding scale options are available.


Group size is limited to 6 participants.

A little about your facilitator:

Some of my most powerful and long-lasting experiences of personal growth and healing have happened in groups. I'm excited to be able to offer this new men's process group as a place where we can come together, learn about ourselves and each other, and create bonds, connections, and experiences that will support each of us in our lives.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Ashland, OR. I was first introduced to gestalt therapy and process groups while attending the California Institute of Integral Studies. Since then, I have immersed myself in both gestalt and group facilitation training. I have always been drawn to group work and community process, and have been a men's group facilitator and participant since 2008. I am also a workshop leader and educator involved in the new Oregon Psilocybin Services program. I have a particular interest in utilizing groups, spirituality, and nature connection as avenues for personal growth and healing. I am committed to equity and inclusion, and is inspired by a vision of mental health care where all people feel welcome, valued, and empowered.

- Lucius Wheeler, LPC

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