Groups offer an opportunity to learn about yourself and others in a facilitated, dynamic social setting. They are a brave space to connect with others, develop a sense of community, learn specific skills, take risks, and work through social challenges. Please contact me for a free consultation to see if these groups would be a good fit for you.

Men's Integration Group

Beginning September 22, 2020
Space is Limited  -  Registration Deadline Sept 10

A confidential, supportive space for male-identified folks to connect around non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In this time of global change, many people are turning within in order to understand themselves and the state of the world.

This four-week group will provide a confidential space to connect with other men around experiences with psychedelics, cannabis, and non-ordinary states of awareness. Through community discussion, mindfulness exercises, and self-study, participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the following topics:


  1. Intention. The importance of intention, and how it relates to our personal history and growth process.

  2. Safety. What is it? How do we create it? 

  3. The Shadow. Making sense of "bad trips" and issues of dependency or over-use.

  4. Integration. What is it? What are integration practices you can incorporate in your daily or weekly routine?

This group will be facilitated by two psychotherapists with extensive experience in men's work and psychedelic integration support.

We do not encourage or condone any illegal activities, and we do not provide access to psychedelic substances or experiences. This group is not appropriate for those experiencing an active drug addiction.

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