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Scientific research is now confirming the profound impact that contact with nature has on the mind, emotions, and nervous system. Numerous recent studies have shown that being in nature can reduce symptoms of depression and improve mood. One study found that simply looking at a natural scene from a hospital room improved patients' pain tolerance and reduced the time they spent in the hospital. Contact with the natural world seems to be especially important in this age of technology, when so much of our time is spent indoors and in front of digital screens. 


As an optional adjunct to traditional therapy, I am available to schedule our individual therapy sessions outdoors in a local park or wild area. Immersion in nature, combined with the gentle physical activity of walking, can be an excellent supplement to our therapeutic work together.

Outdoor therapy sessions involve a gentle walk in a local park or wild area. Sessions may involve conversation, as well as periods of quiet in which you will be invited to become aware of your surroundings - the earth, trees, sky, creatures, and weather. As we may be walking, sitting, or standing out in the elements, appropriate dress and footwear is required. We will discuss further details when you schedule your appointment.

Curious about outdoor therapy?
Take a look at these articles and videos to learn more:

Interested in an ecotherapy session? Please contact me for a free initial consultation to see if this type of therapy may be a good fit for you.

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