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"All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness."
Jeremy Taylor, The Wisdom of Your Dreams

Contact Lucius for information on future groups.

Dreamwork for Mental Health Professionals: Learn Dreamwork Skills

In this dream group, we will utilize the “If It Were My Dream” approach developed by Rev. Jeremy Taylor to explore the mystery and wisdom of the dream world. Participants will learn an individualized approach to dreamwork that uses Taylor’s Ten Basic Assumptions About Dreams. Rather than relying on external “interpretation” of dream content, this technique empowers the dreamer to be the ultimate authority on their dream. Each group member will “dream their own dream,” utilizing the feelings, memories, and ideas evoked by the dreams of others as gateways to our own inner worlds. The use of the “If It Were My Dream” prompt encourages each person to take the dream on as their own, and find meaning in the archetypal symbols each dream contains. In the process, we may also catch a glimpse of the “group dream” that is being dreamed through all of us.  

The focus of this group is on developing our ability to listen to the wisdom of the personal and collective unconscious as it is expressed through our dreams.

Facilitator: Lucius Wheeler, MA LPC Intern

Lucius is a Professional Counselor Registered Intern in private practice in Portland, OR. Lucius specializes in supporting clients through challenging life transitions using an integrative, person-centered approach that emphasizes each person’s inherent wisdom. Lucius was first introduced to Jeremy Taylor’s dreamwork techniques in 2010, and has been a member of a dream group for many years. Lucius has experienced an abundance of personal growth from working with dreams, and is excited to help others to deepen their relationship to the dream world. Lucius is supervised by Daniel Donohue, LCSW (lic #6067)

The Open Dream Group is open to all participants. The Mental Health Professionals Group is for those in the mental health field (including therapists, counselors, social workers, interns, students, and others) who would like an opportunity to do their personal work with other professionals. 

Each group size is limited in order to allow time for each person to share their dreams. Sessions will respond to the needs and requests of group members, and may also include dream reenactment and “empty chair” techniques as appropriate.  

Additional topics may include: Improving dream recall; recurring dreams; earliest dreams; recommendations for further study.


Cost: $100 for four sessions.


To Apply: A brief intake interview is required. Please contact Lucius directly via phone or email.

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