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Couple Therapy

I work with couples who are struggling with relationship issues in Portland, Oregon, and in the surrounding area. If you are having difficulties communicating, find yourself caught in unhealthy patterns, or are otherwise concerned with the state of your relationship, please contact me for a free phone consultation to see if we would be a good match.

Issues commonly addressed in couple therapy:

  • Communication difficulties

  • Recurring conflict

  • Questions around the direction of a relationship

  • Sexual problems

  • Parenting challenges

  • Differences in views and opinions

  • Infidelity

  • Addiction

Intimate relationships can be a great source of joy in our lives, but they can also be fraught with challenge. Just as these relationships bring us happiness, they can also be some of our greatest sources of stress. Even the most loving of relationships can trigger deep wounds from earlier in life, and bring up unresolved issues from our past. Traumas may resurface. Over time, as patterns establish themselves in relationships, it is hard to know where to begin a process of change. Sometimes, we just feel stuck and don't know what to do about it.

Couple therapy is a special opportunity for you and your partner(s) to focus on yourselves and your relationship. In our initial session, I will listen to your concerns and goals. We will look at the ways your relationship is working for you, and the ways you would like it to change. 


Integral therapy emphasizes the wisdom of all members of a relationship. As we pay attention to what is arising in the present moment, we may start to get a sense of a way to move forward. I will support you to communicate your authentic feelings, develop greater self-awareness, and use your conflicts as opportunities for growth.

I welcome all types and forms of relationships in my practice, including LGBTQi, heterosexual, polyamorous, monogamous, and others. Please contact me to schedule an initial consultation to see if we might be a good fit.